T & P Tavern 221 W Lancaster Ave. #1000 Fort Worth, TX 76102 US

(817) 885-8878

T & P Tavern

Your 1930's Rail station tavern



We have plenty of parking!

  • FREE parking along Lancaster Avenue at meters after 6:00 and on weekends.
  • All parking in front  T & P Building now requires payment.  This entire lot is owned & operated by the USPS.  Don't get booted!!
  • There is a secondary lot located up the ramp to the east of the mid-rise condo building.  This lot also requires payment.  This lot is owned & operated by Trinity Metro.  After parking, walk down ramp then make your way to the tavern via the alleyway between the two condo buildings.

T & P Tavern will not be held responsible for individuals who get towed or booted.